What Have You Done?


Article by James.

It’s impossible for me not to be excited by a new Christopher Nolan film. And yes I am talking about when he writes and directs. Not just producing – I’m looking at you Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice… tut-tut CN and the oft shaky Zack Snyder. But even though he can be universally applauded, he can also completely polarize at the same time. 2014’s Interstellar anyone? Still, the man has had an unbelievably good run thus far.

I know this information was released months ago, but I just watched the trailer… So to cast a boy-bander in a lead role in his new film Dunkirk, released mid-2017; madness or genius? The long-haired lothario Harry Styles from One Direction no less, in his feature acting debut. Well, if you notice the never-ending Kardashian farce we call tabloid media, Hazza seems to have gone the extra mile for the role, even cutting his locks off for the gig. Shocking! Honestly, even I, a long admirer of Mr Nolan, thought maybe you’ve made interesting choices that ok… worked (casting Anne Hathaway – TWICE!), but can you really make this work? Or have you just gone wayyyyyyyyyy too far?

Little has been released other than the minute teaser trailer – and yes watch it – it looks totally Nolan. Brilliant! But even with a cast including Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh, can Nolan deliver another gem with what seems like a majorly questionable choice?

Captain Fantastic…Is Totally Fantastic


Every now and then a film will come along that’s so delightful, it restores your faith in mankind. That film ladies and gentlemen is Captain Fantastic.

Captain Fantastic is based around a hippy family lead by Ben, the manliest of fathers to ever hit the screen played by the manliest of actors Viggo Mortensen. Devoted dad Ben, wife Leslie (Trin Miller) and their family of six, live in the forest of the Pacific Northwest away from the soul destroying rotting American wasteland of consumerism. Life is tough in the forest, its pure survival all the way. The kids are home schooled and learn about Chomsky and Dostoyevsky, are supreme athletic and are all bi lingual to name a few achievements. The children have never watched TV, played videogames, but can skin and kill their own dinners every night. But living the bohemian lifestyle has taken its toll on Leslie who falls ill and is “taken away” leaving Ben to look after the children on his own.

Despite living like nomads for years, the outside world slowly begins to seep in as Leslie falls ill from severe bipolar disorder causing him to seek help from the outside world and from Leslie’s very wealthy parents who blame Ben for her disorder and his lifestyle choices.

Mortensen gives a very strong performance, not only as a strong disciplinary but as a charismatic unconventional father who is just trying to do his best to not raise brats.

Aside from the brilliant acting by the whole cast, the cinematography from the great outdoors is worth the movie ticket alone and the scenes of the family exercising and rock-climbing are beyond breathtaking.

I would encourage everyone to support this brilliant independent movie. It makes you think about how materialistic the world has become and the way you live your life.

Captain Fantastic, out now!


T.V. and the lovely Jane Levy!

Jane-Levy-Wallpaper.jpgArticle by James.

Hello! Has been awhile. I’ve been binge-watching TV!

And with that in mind, it’s interesting to see how many actors in search of an Oscar are mixing with the Emmy crowd. I mean even Nicole “Woody” Kidman is about to grace our idiot boxes with her nose-hair prickling, pine presence in a TV show. With Reese Witherspoon too no less! Naturally this is not new now, with numerous Hollywood elite flirting quite openly with this new golden age of television. Netflix has continued the charge that HBO started some 20 years ago. But not all movie stars are transitioning. Perhaps yet. Somehow I don’t think Brangelina will be creating a crime drama soon, or releasing a 6-part mini-series on home life with the brood for E!.

Regardless, its nice to see the lovely Jane Levy of TV’s Suburgatory fame moving in the traditional fashion to big screen with the notable 2013 remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead. And while there have been a few indies, Don’t Breathe, which is currently playing in Oz cinemas, is surely one to elevate her further. If you haven’t seen Don’t Breathe and like your thrillers nauseously wound, this is an unexpected hoot that is relentless. Loz and I were super impressed. Over and over this flick twists and twists until you don’t even realize your knees are under your chin and you remember someone must have forgotten there were supposed to be turns… But it just keeps twisting. Complete with a few absolute jaw-drops.

So naturally I went looking to see what the lovely Miss Levy is doing next as she does seriously hold Don’t Breathe together. At first it was disappointing, as there is some sad old movie called Monster Trucks released next year with Rob Lowe. Yes. Rob Lowe. The movie star who TV let back in when no one wanted him. Yes, way before this “new golden age of television”. And then I thought about that excellent horror comedy movie from 2003 called Monster Man, about a group of teenagers terrorized by a freak in a monster truck and I thought … maybe… But no. This is a family film with alot of CGI apparently, about a boy who builds a monster truck with someone like Rob Lowe (does he play a teacher?) and there is probably a few bullies in there and let me guess… he has a crush on Jane Levy. Zzzzzz.

And then the TV gods in this new golden age of television said “no”. Don’t lose hope my son. Look to the greats. And there in the sad old premature demise of Rob Lowe’s new family flick (oh the irony), came David Lynch and his new “season 3” of Twin Peaks. To hit our glowing idiot boxes in the second half of 2017. And the lovely Jane Levy plays a part. In Twin Peaks. As my excitement grew, I read Monica Bellucci… (heart palpitations) Yes, Monica Bellucci is also in Twin Peaks!


Seems TV is wooing me. And royalty.



T2 – Trainspotting 2

trainspotting 2

How time flies when you’re not busy trainspotting.

It’s been 19 years since Danny Boyle’s masterpiece Trainspotting hit our screens and introduced movie audiences to the unforgettable characters such as Mark Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie and of course Spud. If you’re a fan, you would have been following all the sequel talk to this epic English hit.

T2 is the running title for Trainspotting 2 and has all four main characters returning including Ewan McGregor (Renton), Johnny Lee Miller (Sick Boy), Robert Carlisle (Begbie), and Ewan Bremmer (Spuhed). The film fast forwards to ten years after the events in Trainspotting and instead of heroin being the focal point in bringing the lads together, we see them all connected in the porn industry. But don’t worry, they may be older, but there still just as seedy.

Boyle recently stated that he was “very happy to be back with the crew, but was more concerned about having a “good script” to work with”, which no doubt..he got.

Boyle confirms that shooting has already begun, with a release date early February 2017, just in time for the movies 20th anniversary.

Seriously, where does the time go? T2, in cinemas February 2017, so sick!

Ab Fab the Movie…Sweetie Darlings!

ab fav

Ask and you shall receive.

Get your stolly bolly’s ready cause Eddie and Pats are back and boy have we missed them.

Edina (Jennifer Saunders) and Patsy (Joanna Lumley) grace our screens once again as the ageing alcoholic drugged fuelled party girls who find themselves at the centre of a major incident involving Kate Moss, on the French Riviera of course.

It’s been 24 years since Saunders and Co graced our screens in the now biblical award winning hit sitcom Absolutely Fabulous. They famous duo team up again with all the usual suspects including a myriad of cameos by the fashion darlings of the world in this gigantic movie.

Ab Fab the movie will hit the big screens in August and sweetie darlings….I can’t hardly wait!


Cranston’s back as The Infiltrator!


Bryan Cranston is back and in a big way.

Based on a true story, The Infiltrator revolves around Federal customs agent Robert “Bob” Mazur (Cranston) going deep undercover as a money laundering businessman in Pablo’s Escobar’s Colombian world of crime and drug trafficking .

Mazur ends up befriending Escobar’s top man and lieutenant Roberto Alcaino (Benjamin Bratt) and ends up forming a close friendship with Alcaino, a good man, on the wrong side of the law.

Well, you can imagine what that friendship leads to, trouble.

In the real world, the undercover sting eventually lead to 85 of Escobar’s top drug lords being indicted along with the collapse of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International which turned out to be one of the largest money laundering banks in the world.

The Infiltrator is released worldwide mid-July, be sure to catch this one, if only for the cool aviators Cranston wears, and boy does he rock them!


The Lost City of Z – an Amazon Obssession!


The new trailer for The Lost City of Z, an action/adventure movie starring Charlie Hunnam  was released today, and boy does it look good.

The Lost City of Z, written and directed by James Grey, (which is based on the book of the same name) tells of the real life events of British explorer Col Percy Fawcett (Hunnam) who leaves his family to go exploring for a lost city of gold in Bolivia.

Whilst sailing down the Amazon, Fawcett and his team stumble across what he believes to be the mythical city that explorers have been looking for, for over 300 years. Whilst there, he soon realizes that the city he has set upon is occupied by cannibals, then just as quick…. they vanish.

The movie originally had Brad Pitt cast as Fawcett, but due to scheduling conflicts he had to pull out, bad for Brad, good for Charlie and his plethora of lady fans.

Also joining Hunnam on this adventure are Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller who plays his wife.

The lost city of Z, due out later this year.

10 Cloverfield Lane is coming!

10 cloverfield lane.jpg

10 Cloverfield Lane a sequel to J.J Abrams monster hit Cloverfield sees John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead hiding out in a bunker, as the end of the world is near.

The film is shredded in secrecy, but what we know is that, the film revolves around three characters (inside the bunker) and there is some kind of monster involved.

It’s been noted that every actor involved in the film has been told to remain silent on the plot and any details involving the movie.

Winstead recently told EW that “It’s so much about the actors interacting with each other and that tension just builds, just all wondering who they are , if they are telling the truth or not, not really knowing what’s outside”.

The producers are not releasing any further information on the movie before its release date in March, but if the trailer is anything to go by, this is going to be dam good!

10 Cloverfield Lane, coming to theatres in March!



The Ring is back with Sequel Rings!


That’s right folks, Paramount Pictures have announced plans to release Rings, the sequel to the two original Ring movies this October, or as I like to call it, Halloweenober!

Rings the sequel stars Alex Roe as Holt, the lead star who begins to experience unusual goings-on after viewing that dam deathly videotape that everyone knows not to watch.

The Ring was a remake of the 1988 Hideo Nakata’s, Ringu which shows a mysterious and vengeful spirit called Samara fu*king with anyone who watches this random video tape for seven whole days and this chic is scary!

With F. Javier Gutierrez directing and Academy Award winning writer Akiva Goldsman on script duties, this should be a decent sequel. Stay tuned!



The Forest…Enter at Own Risk!

the forest

Before I start my review, I must confess my love for all things Japanese and horror, so when I read about a movie being shot in the actual haunted Aokigahar Forest located at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan….um…. I was more than excited!

The plot goes a little something like this, Sara Price an American woman played by Natalie Dormer receives a phone call from Japanese officials advising her of her twins sisters disappearance, somewhere in the creepy Aokigahara forest.

Shortly after arriving in Japan, Sara meets Aiden, a reporter drinking at her hotel bar who after a few drinks offers to help her look for her sister in the forest. Once in the forest, Sara stumbles across a yellow tent that she instantly recognises as her sisters and the creepiness basically takes off from there.

Just a little backstory, I went to Japan with my sister not too long ago, and the Aokigahara forest was of deep interest to me, but my sister refused to go anywhere near the forest or allow me to go anywhere near the forest, as there are warnings that once you enter the forest, you are basically on your own, so this movie is kind of the next best thing.

The forest itself is dense and dark and is a very popular site for suicides, with an almost reported 30 a year. The forest has a dark history and is plastered with “enter at own risk” signs everywhere…creepy eh!

This is director Jason Zada’s feature debut and it’s not a bad one at that. If you like your movies creepy with a foreign twist, this one is for you.

The Forest, out March 2016.