Dark Shadow
Reviewed by James

Surprise, Surprise. Johnny Depp is playing the lead in Tim Burton’s new flick – Dark Shadows. Believe me, I am a huge fan of Mr B (let’s forget Planet of the Apes), but why can’t he try someone new. Depp has said that the role of vampire Barnabas Collins was the role he was born to play, but didn’t he say that about Willy Wonka?

 Filming started in April this year, and Michelle Pfeiffer makes a welcome return to the screen in this re-imagined cinematic version of the popular TV soap opera that ran from 1966 to 1971. Incidentally, Loz’s mate Tarantino is a fan of the show, as well as a mortal Madonna. I know I’ll watch it. But after reading it will now be shot in 3D, and after being disappointed with the level of CGI in recent Burton work, I do hope he scales back on the computer effects and returns more to his heyday of stop animation and/or more organic film making. 

And it’s no surprise Helena Bonham Carter has a role. Though the additions of Eva Green and Jackie Earle Haley may inject some well needed fresh blood. I am actually fine with Directors using the same actors on a regular basis. I mean David Lynch, and numerous others do. But while Depp and more-so HBC have obvious talent individually (hello, how great was she is The King’s Speech), you can’t deny they have zero chemistry on screen.

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