Please, no Moore!

Article by James

Why oh Why! Seriously, I’m not expecting an answer. But Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene and occasional actress Demi Moore in some American remake of the 2008 French flick LOL: Laughing Out Loud… How could this ever be good?

As though the “Can’t Be Tamed” world tour wasn’t enough, Cyrus will star as lead character Lola in this piece of fluff about sexual awakening, 15-year-old-love-loss, and her Mother. Released later this year (and yes I am waiting with baited breath), but no firm date as yet. Greene of Twilight fame plays BFF, and is obviously career-suicidal to have chosen such a thing to be part of at the near-end of her inclusion in the successful vamp franchise. But Demi Moore. Who casts her anymore? Well, unless you’re desperate like Craig Rosenberg. Did you see Half Light? Don’t worry, not many did (but, if you would like to do some research before you judge, look in the Horror section of your local DVD rental. Horror is apparently meant in an ironic way with this film). 

Moore has shown promise along the way, but not nearly enough to forgive for the appalling performances she has churned out. But she is as visible as ever today, with Ashton Kutcher on one arm and a team of surgeons on the other. Paps a-flutter. I just don’t get it. This actress made headlines for being the first woman to hit 10 million+ per film, and then delivers the merely uncomfortable, Striptease (don’t get me started on GI Jane). There has been St Elmo’s Fire, Ghost, and not a lot else. I will give her credit for the outstanding performance with Bobby in 2006. But it was an ensemble cast. Sharon Stone was great in that as well. I digress, but was Stone possessed when she starred in Scorsese’s Casino? She was so good, I swear it wasn’t her. 

It seems to me that Moore should keep looking for roles such as her Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle “comeback”, if she wants to persist in her least able profession. Or, continue with her current lot in life. Flashing the flesh, then uploading the evidence on Twitter.

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