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Article by James

If ever there was a reason for a night out to the flicks, well August has a date with you! No day screenings people! The remake of 1985’s legendary Horror-comedy Fright Night is released on the 18th in Oz. And I’m bloody excited! 

Seriously, I practically grew up on the original. Fright Night (I’ve actually watched it over 30 times), Night of the Demons, Cat People, American Werewolf in London, etc, etc. So good. And, while some Horror classics over the last few years have been dismally disappointing – Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine anyone – there have been a few that have been something of a surprise. Despite Michael Bay’s usual schlock-overblown-budget handy work, 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot was awesome. I loved it. Scared the be-jesus out of me when I first saw it. So much fun! 

The new Fright Night looks to have been updated yes, but not to have forgotten its comedy roots. Anton Yelchin (best known for 2009’s Star Trek and Terminator Salvation) plays Charley Brewster. A high-school senior who lives with his Mum in the burbs. One night he notices the long-term vacant house next door is being moved into. Is that a coffin we see? Cue the too often under-rated Colin Farrell as Jerry Dandrige. Suave, cool, and a blood-sucker. When Charley gets too curious after a series of recent murders in the area, which he believes said neighbour is involved in, Jerry warns/threatens him to let it go. But, he doesn’t, and enlists the help of TV Vampire Killer and Vegas Magician (ha,ha,ha,ha.) Peter Vincent to kill the vamp. Jerry not happy. 

The supporting cast is also quirkily impressive on the remake, with Toni Collette playing Charley’s Mum, TV’s Doctor Who David Tennant in the hilarious role of Peter Vincent, and one of my personal favourites to watch, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Kick-Ass, Role Models) as “Evil”Ed. 

I’m sure there will be the usual current teen-horror-shlick to the film, but as all research points to the producers wanting to be reasonably faithful to the original, I’m hopeful. Well, the original was an 80’s teen horror flick. And I’m not against the idea of a remake. But, 1985’s Fright Night is a brilliant film and should not be disrespected, let-a-lone unintentionally lampooned! 

I’m watching you Mr Director Craig Gillespie.

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