Robert Rodriguez at Comic-Con









Director Robert Rodriguez was in attendance at the recent Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego promoting his new movies and just talking trash. Apparently, Rodriguez surprised a panel audience when he announced four new projects, even though he was there to talk about his Quick Draw Production Company.  Rodriguez told the audience to expect another Sin City movie aptly title Sin City 2 and not one but two sequels to Machete (was Machete really that good, do we need 2 sequels)?

The working titles for the Machete sequels are Machete Kills and Machete Kills Again (hmm).Robert also talked about his excitement of  doing a live-action remake of John Frazetta’s animated Fire and Ice. Rob, your cool we all like ya, but do we need all these remakes of your rehashed movies, how bout a Dusk till Dawn 3 then if were goin down that road, surely that’s gotta be better than a Machete 5, Sin City 5 or Spy Kids 5?? Just sayin!

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