The O.C Starlet – Part 2


Article by James

Remember Benjamin McKenzie from The O.C.? No? Non-blinking, (Loz made me say it)  bulldog-looking type? Pouty, teenage-hormoned boy? No Magnum ads to speak of? You know him.

Well, it has been a while since we have seen him in anything of note. There was the little indie film Junebug he did with Amy Adams. Great film really (and you have to love Amy Adams), but did you know that Ben won a coveted Amanda Award for Outstanding Performance in a Feature Film for his rigorous portrayal of a pouty, teenage-hormoned boy. Never heard of the Amanda Award as apposed to an Oscar, Golden Globe or lesser-known accolades? An Amanda Award is given out at the Norwegian International Film Festival. So there you go.

 But, as the short-lived Southland TV show fizzled, Ben has returned to the big screen. And he can be seen in 2 films to be released later this year. The first one, odd really, voicing my favourite caped crusader in DC Comic’s new animated flick, Batman: Year One. Hmmmmm. And secondly, probably to reach out to different demographics, in a riotous coming-of-age comedy following high school students and their sexual escapades in a friend’s van. Tastefully titled Sin Bin. And guess what he plays. A pouty, teenage-hormoned boy. I see another Amanda comin’.

 This guy is so versatile.

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3 responses to “The O.C Starlet – Part 2

  • Jem

    Not sure where you get your information from but the short-lived Southland is going to be start filming it’s next season this Fall. It’s now seen on TNT and getting great reviews.

  • Logan

    Jem is right and Ben’s gotten excellent reviews in Southland, on the stage in The Glass Menagerie last fall, and in a riveting solo performance in the film Johnny Got his Gun.

    I’m not sure when Sin Bin’s going to be released, but he was involved because friends of his were the writers and producers and it fit his Southland shooting schedule. He’s also not playing a “pouty teenage-hormoned boy.” He’s the older brother of one of the teenagers and I believe all the shots released from filming had him in a suit and tie.



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