Ryan Phillippe is a Douch!

Article by James

Would you give up if you were Ryan Phillippe? Your biggest hit, Cruel Intentions, was 12 years ago. Anyone see Antitrust or Stop-Loss over the passed decade? Me neither. Seems RP is more famous these days for being a randy, rampant bachelor and Reece Witherspoon’s ex and baby-daddy (ha,ha,ha….. gawd I hate that term).

But he does try. The pet. Set Up is a new flick out this year at cinemas or straight to DVD, about a group of friends involved in a diamond heist. Wow! Intriguing. Long-past-aging-action-hero Bruce Willis (please Mr Willis don’t sue) takes top billing, and I noticed sometime rapper 50 Cent is also involved. Looks like you’re onto a winner with this one buddy. Seriously, after RP’s last seen 10 minute performance in legendary actor Matthew McConaughey’s cinematic triumph, The Lincoln Lawyer (I am literally doubled over in laughter-induced agony), where is there to go?

Out or up I guess. Maybe that’s why he keeps trying.

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