Dirty Dancing Remake – Oh no they didn’t!










Oh no, it’s official, the Dirty Dancing remake is actually happening, poised to hit theatres sometime next year. OK, so I’m not the biggest fan of these genre movies, but even I know that Dirty Dancing is a classic and you just don’t f*ck with a classic. Who can forget the romance that has been so engrained in everyone’s cinematic memory, together with that unforgettable soundtrack.

Kenny Ortega is set to blame and direct (High School Musical, This is it) although in saying that, if they are going to butcher it, Kenny is probably the best man for the job. His expertise with dancing and musical numbers and gearing content towards the younger generation makes him a prime candidate.

For those who are unfamiliar (all 2 of you) the original story follows a pampered young girl (Jennifer Grey) who summers with her upscale family at an establishment in the Catskills and falls in love with the resident dance instructor (Patrick Swayze) who her family do not approve of.

This movie is of cult status now with lines like “Nobody puts baby in the corner” but deep down inside, I wish they would of left this remake in the corner!

Lionsgate is backing the remake, let’s hope it turns out better than their previous release “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”. I haven’t seen this but heard it was a complete disaster!

They obviously want this Dirty Dancing thang to work…What next, remake of the Sound of Music – kill me now!

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