A Hardy Salute!

Article by James

I have to say, it is very refreshing to see one of cinema’s true un-sung talents hitting the big time. One of today’s finest actors, Tom Hardy, will star in the much-anticipated conclusion to the Christopher Nolan directed Batman trilogy – The Dark Knight Rises. Ok, old news. He will play Bane. The new chemically enhanced villain to hit Gotham. But this guy is interesting. There’s a lot to see before Batman returns. 

Slotted for an American Summer 2012 release, the caped crusader’s return is still tiny glimpses sifted through the net but TH has numerous projects slotted for release beforehand. If you don’t know who this guy is already, wake up and get watching. He’s cheeky, talented, and has charisma that was always going to lead down the road of movie star. For an education, check out Guy Ritchie’s surprisingly good RocknRolla. And then, watch Bronson. Brutal. After that, you have Nolan’s near perfect Inception, which everyone saw. Ok its Titanic-boy’s ride, but Hardy fills the screen when he’s in it as Eames, and it was his entrance to the big cheques. 

First up of note is Warrior, out September this year, with Aussie Joel Edgerton. TH stars as a boxer who comes home to train with his alcoholic Father played by Nick Nolte. Second is a romantic comedy called This Means War, directed by McG; the director of Terminator Salvation and Executive Producer of TV’s The O.C. and Supernatural. He’ll star alongside Reese Witherspoon and the ever-hopeful (that he can sustain a career) Chris Pine. Then, post-Batmania, is the Mad Max reboot. 

Seriously, check Tom Hardy out before Batman arrives and everyone thinks he’s a mega-star.

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