Kevin Smith does a Tarantino

When Kevin Smith recently said Hit Somebody would be his last film before retiring, he was only telling half truths. Smith who is in Canada touring his controversial Red State told the audience at the post film Q&A that his hockey film (Hit Somebody) will be shot in two films, a la Kill Bill. The Director realised that the story had gotten too big to fit into a single film, and at one point considered turning it into an HBO series before finally going for the two-part solution. The story follows a Canadian farm boy whose particular talent is beating people up on the ice, Hit Somebody Part 1 will likely end when the hero, Buddy, finally makes it into the big league.

Well this makes total sense as a studio would most likely never finance a 4 hour movie, but as we know Smith doesn’t really care what studio executives think anymore, his doing his own thing outside the system and doin pretty well! Ahem!

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