Horrible Bosses Review – Unemployment has never looked so good!

Horrible Bosses directed by Seth Gordon revolves around three friends who work in various offices around the Los Angeles area, who are all extremely tormented by their bosses, assistant Sales Manager Jason Bateman by the insane Kevin Spacey, dental nurse Charlie Day by his nymphomaniac boss Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis by the fat and useless womanising, coke sniffing heir Colin Farrell. They decide that enough is enough and plan to murder all three bosses. In desperation they stumble across a seedy bar in a bad neighbourhood and cross paths with a criminal nicknamed “Motherfucker” played by Jamie Foxx who they believe to be a professional hitman and pay him $5,000 to get the job done and the fun begins.

The film has some really snort out funny bits, the scene with the cocaine is super hilarious, but I found myself laughing at the gag and bloopers reel at the end of the movie, more than I did during the actual movie, that’s never a good sign. That said, many of the scenes are timely, well acted and mostly enjoyable. The majority of the audience will laugh, I just feel that the movie lacks what could of been a brilliantly funny movie, but kudos to Ms Aniston who plays so against her type that I do believe this role will open up a few new doors to her career.  

Horrible Bosses out 25 August!

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