In a Few Years, Will She Have Gone to Pot!












Article by James
Well the kiddies from the mega-successful Harry Potter franchise have finally been set free to pursue acting in the world at-large. Free from dragons, invisible cloaks and guaranteed ticket sales. What will they become???

 Out of the bank-balance-bulging trio, Emma Watson is the most intriguing to me at this point. Hazza, Hermione and Ron (was JK serious when she chose this name) have a hefty effort ahead of them to lift the Potter shroud from movie-goers minds. But in true Hollywoodian style, EW has been treading the tried-and-true old boards to make a name for herself, aside from the franchise. It seems she’s attempting to create a brand, and aiming for the best possible chance at a career beyond The Deathly Hallows. First she became the incredibly well fit clothes-horse for Burberry, then she designed (I assume this is meant in a virtual sense) a clothing range for Eco fashion house People Tree. Now she’s in the slipstream of the last Potter release, she the face of Lancome’s new fragrance. Seems there’s little acting for a successful young starlet to do these days when she has a franchise under her belt.

 But, she isn’t a bad actor I have to say. I haven’t seen all the HP films, but 2 are enough to get the gist. She did have more clout as an actor than the boys even when they started out as foetuses in the first film. And if you’ve seen Radcliffe’s efforts on film beyond HP, you’d agree (let’s forget Grint’s Cherrybomb debacle – and please, never appear on screen without your shirt Ginger Ninja), Watson’s the one with a future that could skyrocket or dive.

Its her next role in My Week With Marilyn that has me most impressed. The ever-astonishing Michelle Williams (the film can be bad, but she is always amazing) plays Marilyn with EW in a small role as Lucy. Smart move me thinks. Small steps into swanky cinema where she doesn’t have to carry the job lot.  The film documents the tempestuous relationship between Maz and Laurence Olivier during the filming of the uneasy, but vastly underrated, 1957’s The Prince and the Showgirl. Dominic Cooper and Brit legends Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench also star. It’s slotted for an early November 2011 release in the US.

 Time will tell it seems, but Watson may be the one that survives the Potter storm. If not, she will smell and dress to impress until she’s kicked to the kerb when the first round of post-cinema release Harry Potter box-sets hit the bargain bin near you.

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