Napster Documentary to be totally Rad!










Alex Winter, better known as Bill from Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure (yes your read right, its the rad dude who’s now a filmmaker), is ready to direct a movie about infamous file-sharing service Napster. With the success of the Social Network this was bound to happen. However, instead of making a narrative feature out of the story, Winter is now just going to make this as a documentary with the support of VH1.

Apparently he did 10 years of research for a script, but confirms he is going back to the source armed with camera, this could get interesting folks! Napster technology was created by Shawn Fanning when he was a college student, what it did was change music into movies and made possible everything from Julian Assange, Wikileaks to iPod and Facebook, it became an expression of youth revolt and contributed to a complete shift in how information, media and government work.

Word is that Shawn Fanning will be directly involved in the documentary, this is all shaping up to be totally awesome (dudes)!

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