Gleek! It’s the Three Stooges (and one hell of an actor)!

Article by James
Is it sad to say that I recently got into Glee? Or is it gay for a male to say that? Zzzzzzzz. So un-Glee. The multiple-nominated TV series is definitely on the radar of all, but is it daggy or show-bizzy? Me says yes. So be it. Deal with it slow-cums. Watch up and get educated. Show creator Ryan Murphy is a visionary and lunatic/genius. Show respect. Clichés, yes. Strong writing, yes too. Admit it cynics. Glee is a diverse and ney-so-subtle TV experience that has touched many. And it throws you. From its not-so-every-day story lines to its shameless pop culture references and whole-heart embraces, TV has never been so non-Catholic while being religious. And then there is Jane Lynch. The now Emmy and Golden Globe winner. If ever there was a modern day legend of the small screen, it is JL. And let’s not forget the cinema. From a small screen perspective, we are talking roles in Married… With Children, Dawson’s Creek, The X-Files, Boston Legal, Desperate Housewives, Arrested Development, NYPD Blue… and even Friends. Of course we also have the on-going role of Charlie’s therapist in Two and a Half Men. This woman is a TV legend/veteran. From a film perspective we are talking Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and the surprisingly engaging comedy Role Models. The actor has been everywhere. But it is the new film The Three Stooges, slotted for a 2012 release that has many talking. The beloved American trio will hit the limelight once more in the Farrelly brothers (There’s Something About Mary) new flick. And it is a line-up. Apart from Jane Lynch, we have Larry David (Seinfeld, Arrested Development), Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Sean Hayes as Larry (Will & Grace), Jennifer Hudson, and even Snookie and The Situation from Jersey Shore. Jane Lynch has a major role. Look, listen and remember your cheerios. Lynch is a comedian in line with the calibre of Rivers. Watch people.

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