Can Someone Just Let Him Play Jesus So He Can Be Done With It!

Article by James
Paul Bettany is one of those actors who I can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone say they loved… or hated for that matter. He has been part of some great cinema over the years, but has also played far too larger part in some serious clunkers. Ok, I’m going to be pointed, but Wimbledon. That shite flick (who knows how it was green-lit) with good old Kirsten Drunkst. Oh that’s right she’s sober again. Kirsten Dunst

The reviews for Bettany’s current flick Priest have not been kind. Released in Oz 2 weeks ago ticket sales are lagging with many cinema’s giving up on the first week. Even with one of the Twilight franchise’s much-loved bad boys Cam Gigandet playing a (oh my! don’t faint!) vampire killer (he’s so versatile like a more current The O.C. Starlet Ben McKenzie). Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Why is Bettany doing this? I’d consider him a serious actor. Yeah? Let’s forget the awful Wimbledon for a moment, but he was in Lars Von Trier’s Dogville. Even Kidman was surprising in that film. And then of course you had A Beautiful Mind with phone-throwing-thug Russel Crowe. But what’s with the numerous roles attached to all things heaven huh? First you had the atrocious The Da Vinci Code with my favourite love-to-point-out-he’s-crap actor, Tom Hanks (though Big was such an underrated film… ha,ha,ha). Then the visually stunning and started-out-good-but-we-still-have-an-hour-to-go, Legion. Now Priest.

 Are the roles drying up and someone is getting typecast? I say someone just write the man a role that incorporates an albino Jesus and he’ll at least be done. The guys who wrote Scary Movie 1 to however-many could do it. I’m sure Carmen Elecktra will be in. I hear her strip/exercise DVD’s aren’t selling so well anymore.

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