Nirvana: The Legend Lives On!

Article by James
I actually saw Nirvana in their only tour of Oz. I remember booking tickets with my teenage friends for Violent Femmes in Briz-Vegas, thinking, who the f is Nirvana??? They were support. Then in the time between ticket purchase and concert, Nevermind broke across the globe and I had no idea I would see music legend unfold in Australian audiences’ only view of a band that defined a generation and became The Beatles of the 90’s. Nirvana in many ways provided the ability to launch music by Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, (and the list goes on) into the mainstream. Nirvana changed the landscape of music.

CinemaLive are offering a once only screening of Nirvana’s only filmed concert entitled “Live at the Paramount” across a limited amount of screens in Oz on September 23rd to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Nevermind. See for details. Go see it. This band is the reason radio picks up indie and it is totally indefinable to truly understand the breadth of acceptance to different genres of music Nirvana has been the catalyst for. Educate yourself.

 In related news, the net is abuzz with news that Ewan McGregor is up to play Kurt Cobain in a Courtney Love approved biopic of the legendary Nirvana front man. Nobody else is attached at this point so we’ll see if the difficult Love gets it off the ground. She is legend in her own right I say, but by all accounts, a pain in the arse with power.

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