Shut Your Pie Hole!

Article by James
In news that make me sigh in disbelief, another instalment of the ridiculous franchise American Pie, hits the multi-plex in 2012. With all the imagination you’d expect of yet another sequel, it’s titled American Pie Reunion. Snore.

 But most of the cast are back from original. And who can blame them as they barely have a career left. Minus Ms Band-Camp of course – Alyson Hannigan. I mean Jason Biggs is starring in a new TV series of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mena Suvari continues to “act” in shite role after shite role now the shine of American Beauty has worn off, and then there is Tara Reid. The one better known for lop-sided breasts, shotgun weddings, and a well documented belief that the secret to life lies at the bottom of a bottle of gin. There are a numbers of others of course, but I couldn’t be bothered to mock them.

 I would like to say though, that with this motley crew, it’s the return of Natasha Lyonne in her old role of Jessica that does spark my interest. Remember her? She was dropped after the 2nd film without a real explanation. I’m sure the drug and alcohol nose-dive had nothing to do with it. Maybe it was because there was truth in the claim that during a “possible” drug/alcohol stupor she once threatened to sexually molest a neighbour’s dog? Bless.

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