I Don’t think we’ll see a sequel later, alligator!

Article by James
I’m never happy when I hear a movie bombs on release, even if it stars Tom Hanks. But Creature, the story of a group of friends who stumble across a secret that unleashes a monster from a swamp, has apparently done so with record-breaking aplomb. The film’s “creature” is a half-man, half-alligator called Lockjaw. Sounds good on paper… ha,ha,ha!

Opening in 1507 cinema’s across the US last weekend, the film grossed around $US220 per cinema in its first 3 days. Apparently this makes for the worst premiere on record for a film given a wide release. But, I guess for one of my favourite spectacular hit-or-miss actors, this may be a good thing. I believe Uma Thurman may be the star behind the previous worst premiere, though it did open on a much smaller scale in the UK. In 2010, her film Motherhood opened to sales of a mere 11 tickets total in the first 3 days across its entire release. Around 88 Brit-bucks. Yes-sir-ee, the kick-arse Tarantino muse has done some real stinkers across her brilliant career. Though I haven’t seen Motherhood, it can’t be worse than 2006’s My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Why Ms Thurman did this I have no idea; well other than the 14 million dollar paycheque I suppose.

 But back to Creature. There are a few people of interest involved I have to say. First being one of my favourite crazies, Sid Haig. Best known for his on-going work with horror director Rob Zombie (whose remake of Halloween was simply awesome) and also oddly enough, his role in Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Vol 2. One of Ms Thurman’s much better films. And then there is Mehcad Brooks. Obviously this was one of his attempts to break into film again, with many TV credits under his belt. If the name is unfamiliar, you will know him as Eggs, Tara’s squeeze, in True Blood Season 2. Hailed as one of Hollywood’s most aspiring young actor’s, I don’t think Creature will be one career move that will assist in climbing any ladder.

 It is doubtful Creature will get the Oz release it did in the US, or a cinema release at all for that matter. But keep a look-out when it hits DVD shelves soon.

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