Lose Your Blues, Everybody Cut Footloose!

Article by James
If you don’t know the 1984 movie Footloose then you probably haven’t truly lived. Daggy, dated, and definitely cringe-worthy in its entirety, the fact remains that it is an 80’s classic. Beyond that, it’s a hoot. And then there is the unashamedly flamboyant soundtrack. So with October 6 rolling ever closer, the release date of the remake is something I’m not sure I will bother to think about, or whether I’ll hide in the back of the cinema.

 The original writer Dean Pitchford has co-written today’s Footloose for a new generation. Written with new director Craig Brewer (best know for 2005’s Hustle & Flow), the new movie looks made for the High School Musical demographic (judging by the trailer). For those unaware, the plot is: city boy moves to a small town where rock and pop music is banned. Dancing too (shocking!). Rebellion ensues, and naturally, city boy falls for the preacher’s daughter. Originally the lead for the reboot was offered to Zac Efron, for obvious reasons. But, he turned it down to take on more “serious” roles like the nauseatingly boring Charlie St. Cloud. Kenny Wormald eventually won the lead, and like the 84 version, seems the producers went with a virtual unknown. It is hard to believe in the original, that unknown was Kevin Bacon. Footloose launched his career.

 I will be surprised if this remake can be pulled off. The beauty of the original is based in the time it was made. It looks questionable. That’s all I’m gonna say. Everybody cut, everybody cut…


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