Local Boys Continue to Inspire!

Article by James
Last week, Leigh Whannell and James Wan’s latest collaboration Insidious was released on DVD in Oz. Released in cinemas in April earlier this year, Insidious is a thriller/horror based around a couple who’s eldest son mysteriously falls into a coma for which the doctors have zero answers. Enter spookiness. While the flick is a little flawed toward the end, it still delivers strong performances from Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, and manages to deliver a few hokey gags along the way too. It’s also slick and genuinely scary.

Now for those that are unfamiliar, Whannell and Wan are the business partners behind the legendary Saw franchise. Six sequels, and let’s face it, it may not be over yet no matter what anyone says. They have also produced as writer and director, the vastly under-rated Dead Silence (one of my personal favourites). These Melbourne boys built their hugely successful careers as actor/director/writers/producers on a great idea, persistence and taking a chance. With a short film version in hand of the original Saw, after exhausting the possibility of getting it locally produced, they sent it to whoever would watch it in LA. The story goes that 3 producers already decided to fund the project before either of the boys even stepped foot in Hollywood. The rest as they say, is history.

 Whannell continues to act in other projects and Wan has directed elsewhere, with both having future films slotted for 2012. But, they have announced a new collaboration is in utero, currently titled X Ray.

I do believe these guys are an inspiration for budding Aussie filmmakers. And, for all of us that need to remember sometimes that with work, dreams can become reality no matter how far away we live from Europe or the US.

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