An Under-rated Curry, with a side of Fruitcake?


Article by James
There are many under-rated, and definitely under-used film actors about. Why????? Can it simply be luck, timing, etc? There are many. Some of my list includes Chris Cooper, Angela Bassett, Sean Bean and even Jada Pinkett Smith (not many saw it, so go check out The Women on DVD – yes even Meg Ryan is great). No one deserves to be seen more, in my humble opinion, than legendary British actor, Tim Curry. That’s right; Dr Frank-N-Furter.

Tim Curry rose to fame in THE cult movie of all time, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. After runs on stage through London and then New York, when Richard O’Brien’s legendary musical hit screens around the world, I don’t think anyone expected the film to be so enduring. It’s also hard to believe that was 36 years ago. For me, I partially grew up with the film. A highlight was seeing it for the first time on stage a few years back in Sydney, with the perfectly cast, Aussie indie muso/cabaret star iOta filling Curry’s shoes. When O’Brien himself walked out as an encore to sing The Timewarp with the entire cast (I was lucky enough to be the plus-1 of a journo friend at the opening), I was genuinely gob-smacked. But, back to Curry.

Previous to Rocky Horror, Curry starred on stage in Hair of all things, and has continued with theatre throughout his career. Seen often (or should I say heard) as a voice actor, with numerous animated projects including film and television, Curry has rarely been out of work. Best known for his voice work in Nickelodeon’s TV show The Wild Thornberrys which ran for 6+ years, he has also had guest roles in numerous television shows such as Roseanne. There is also a recording career spanning 3 albums of work that I personally find amazing, as well as long and varied voice work throughout video games; but it is Curry’s film acting that always intrigues me, considering his formative years.

 1982’s hit Annie, 1985’s Ridley Scott film Legend (with a very young Tom Cruise), and the best reason to watch Stephen King’s screen version of his best-seller horror novel, It, Tim Curry has continued to perfect astonishing character driven roles across the years.  In 2012, he heads a horror/comedy called Gingerclown as the lead character. There’s also a dramatic role in 2012’s Glide with Rob Lowe.

So, on to the Fruitcake. Sean Young stars alongside Curry in Gingerclown, and she is in my opinion, one of the most crazed Hollywood stars in recorded media history. With a promising start in 1982’s Blade Runner, 1984’s flawed but under-rated David Lynch-directed Dune, and then minor screen time in Oliver Stone’s 1987 success Wall Street, Young met James Woods on set with 1988’s seriously regrettable The Boost. And the stalking began. Including leaving items such as disfigured dolls on Woods’ doorstep after he had clearly moved on, and on-going harassment. Because that always wins someone back. Oddly enough her career took a nose-dive, but she continued to work in low budget flicks and seriously bad tele-movies made for those with no life. She has managed to secure minor roles in movies like 1994’s hugely successful Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, but even as late as 2008, stints in rehab for alcohol addiction has done little to resurrect her merely reasonable-actress standard to fame again. If you’re interested, check on-line for her many ventures into spectacular public embarrassment.

I say raise a booze-filled glass to Tim, Ms Fruitcake.

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One response to “An Under-rated Curry, with a side of Fruitcake?

  • J Debooty

    Times Square is another over looked Tim Curry film. It was one of Trini Alvarado’s first films and introduced Robin Johnson who was never really seen again. Produced by Robert Stigwood with a killer soundtrack it’s about two runaways living in a disused wharf on the docks of NYC. Shot on location in that big, bad, beautiful city in 1980. Has its flaws but another great cult film.

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