New Release DVD Review – Exorcismus

Review by James
I am an exorcism freak. Tell me a movie is about to come out re possession and I get excited. Why I often wonder, as so many are absolute shite.

I am always with an open, hopeful mind when exploring a new exorcism film. And disappointments are common. But this new release called Exorcismus – The Possession of Emma Evans makes 2010’s The Last Exorcism seem like a classic – and it had its possibilities, but was an utter tragedy in the end. With muddled dialogue and editing that I assume was considered, it ends up looking like film student failure. This is one Brit horror that seriously bombs. It also makes Anthony Hopkins’ recent “are we desperate for work” The Rite, look slick.

Why is it that 1973’s The Exorcist and 2005’s The Possession of Emily Rose are the only 2 possession films, ever, that truly hold their own?

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