Listen Up Mortals!

Article by James
Ahhhhh, how can you not be pumped?!! On Thursday, 24.11.11, Immortals opens in cinemas around Oz. Director Tarsem Singh’s last effort seen in Australia stretches back to 2000, with the visually captivating The Cell. In 2006 there was the release of The Fall, but Australian audiences have only recently had the chance to view this exciting Director’s second feature via this month’s DVD release. Next on the agenda is 2012’s Mirror Mirror, which is the Julia Robert’s version of 2 Snow White films released next year. But, back to Immortals.

As you must know, 2013’s new Superman, Henry Cavill (the man with the enviable nose) leads a massive cast including Mickey Rourke, John Hurt and Freida Pinto. It even stars tabloid fodder Kellan Lutz (Twilight and today’s version of Marky Mark), and Aussie Isabel Lucas (best known for straddling dolphins, TV’s Home & Away and Transformers 2). Don’t let the last few cast members distract you.

Go see people!

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