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Article by James
I’m a bit confused by the fuss surrounding Aussie actor Rachel Taylor. I understand she had a short-lived but recurring role in TV’s Grey’s Anatomy, then starred in one of this year’s surprise hit Aussie flicks, Red Dog. But as a connoisseur of the original Charlie’s Angels TV series, I watched one episode of the now cut Drew Barrymore-produced and revamped version, and said, “erghhhhhh”. The script was appalling. Hence, seven eps and delete. Like I said, I did only watch one episode, but I salute those three of you (globally) that watched the seven hoping it would get better. I applaud commitment in general.

 But now she’s slapped on the cover of the latest issue of GQ Australia as woman of the year? I understand compared to Isabel Lucas she reeks of talent (she is actually a reasonable actor) and seems like an intellectual giant in comparison too, but I say point at Melissa George. Not only has the woman continuously worked in Hollywood across television and film (yes with ups and downs, but David Lynch’s 2001 Mulholland Drive, etc, etc), but did you know she also invented some thing women use to hold up stockings (or something) that has bagged her a fortune, and this year she returned home to star in the amazing Australian TV version of Christos Tsiolkas’ 2008 award-winning novel, The Slap. An exceptional slice of Oz TV when well-written drama in this country is dominated by “true crime” – Underbelly. The woman is intelligent, talented, undeniably charismatic and beautiful to boot! She also has several OS Film and TV commitments throughout 2012 already in place.

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