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Article by James
Like him or loathe him, Tom Cruise is someone who will be around forever. I understand he is considered one of the biggest actors of all time, but with recent years of couch-jumping, diva-like interviewee skills, and then there is the on-going Scientology nagging (which have you noticed has stopped…), I see a businessman first and foremost. It is undoubtable that he is more than a reasonable actor and has increased his ability with experience. With Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol hitting screens (as Loz pointed out – a day earlier in Oz!!!), personally, I don’t think a better move could have been made.

With disappointing ticket sales for 2010’s Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz, despite a seemingly endless global media juggernaut, it seems Cruise realized everyone truly did believe he was a nutter. And what better way to resurrect a career than by returning to a highly successful franchise. I do think playing an un-hinged character in Knight and Day was also not a wise move. Considering the flick wasn’t actually that bad. Bad timing though when you’re trying to turn your profile from lunatic back to professional.

Naturally he has several movies in the pipeline, but I think this new release is one of the most important of his career to turn audiences’ view back to what made us support him in the first place. I’m not sure about you, but of late, I think of him as “that crazy Father of high-heel-wearing-5-year-old Suri Cruise”.

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