Cream Trumps Chops

Article by James
I used to know a guy who thought Andie MacDowell was the hottest female actor on screen. I think she’s of a certain beauty, but please… have you laid eyes on Monica Bellucci????

While MacDowell had a number of years of high profile visibility re film with the smashing 89 flick Sex, Lies, and Videotape, 93’s Groundhog Day, and of course, 94’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, if it wasn’t for her “age-defining-skin-cream ads” I would have thought she was dead. Professionally speaking of course. But turns out she was in teen fodder movies this year; Monte Carlo and even the remade Footloose. Really?

She also has a lead role in early 2012 release Mighty Fine (expect DVD only release). I read what its about. Snoreville. Oh well, she is an ambassador for Ovarian Cancer (very worthy cause) and does have that seemingly endless L’Oreal contract. Another example of brand reigning over acting chops. Not to mention the distinct lack of a hit…..

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