The Brilliant and Beguiling Michelle Williams

Dawson’s Creek debuted on our screens 20th January 1998. The show portrayed the fictional lives a close-knit group of teenagers through high school and college, praised and reviled for its hyper-sexual, super-wordy dialogue.

Dawson’s Creek struck a chord with teens and young adults all around the world. This is where I and most of us were first introduced to the extraordinary Michelle Williams. I remember then, how can someone so young be so graceful, mature and believable on screen, cut to 10 years later, I think we all know why?

After the success of Dawson’s Creek, Michelle went on to star in the quirky Dick (1999) followed by Prozac Nation (2001) and a few supporting roles in between.

From 2000 onwards Michelle appeared mainly in independent movies for which she received critical acclaim. Her career highlight to date was 2005’s controversial movie Brokeback Mountain, earning her a best supporting actress Oscar nomination. During this time she met and fell in love with Heath Ledger, producing a child, Matilda in 2005, we all know what happened soon after.

She then followed this with a small part in the strange I’m Not There (2007). Her next featured role was in the 2010 Blue Valentine opposite the equally mesmerising Ryan Gosling. Michelle received another Oscar nomination, this time for best actress.

Onscreen the older Michelle, who is now 31 often, exudes a wary fragility in most of her roles. She has established herself as the most emotionally riveting actress of her generation. Sir Ben Kingsley, her co-star in Shutter Island recently said this of Michelle “, “There’s something elemental and crucial about her. Because she is so intelligent, she gets to the basic issue of her character. She’s not blanket-bombing it with fussy acting or guessing. She’s very in the moment, which I very much admire, both in acting and in life, I reckon.”

Michelle will soon be appearing on our screens again as the enchanting Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn due for release early next year.

It’s safe to say that the world really is her oyster. So far she has proven to be remarkable in every role, and I look forward to watching her win that Oscar sometime in the not too distant future!

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