Just Die!

Article by James
Oh dear… I know last week I got all excited re the new Ghostbusters 3, but sometimes Hollywood really needs to leave well enough alone. I just read that Three Men And A Bride is in development. Does anyone remember 87’s Three Men and a Baby or the atrocious Three Men and a Little Lady from 1990? Sad has been given a new context.

 For those too young, in denial, or would openly rather forget, Three Men and a Baby was a charming little comedy for the time where three successful bachelors (who happen to live together???) find themselves in the position of having to take care of an infant. Yes, nappies of the brown variety and all the jokes you can imagine from that ensue. Starring Tom Selleck (currently in TV’s Blue Bloods), Ted Danson (recently known for TV’s Damages and CSI), and the once huge, but now forgotten Steve Guttenberg, it is strange to think that Spock of all people directed the original. That’s right folks; Leonard Nimoy. He didn’t agree to the second though, so I’ll give him that.

 If this project actually gets off the ground, shit has truly found a new shade of brown.

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