Not that I Didn’t Expect It…

Article by James
Even I find it surprising to say this, but I actually like J-Lo. Yes, the newly single serial-wedder, and purpose-built publicity magnet. Naturally I shouldn’t be calling her J-Lo anymore despite some trash mags insisting on its survival, as I think she dropped that moniker back when even she decided she couldn’t take Jenny from the Block seriously. But gee-zuss, is she on the publicity bandwagon now, with her flesh splashed across every magazine. And let’s face it; it ain’t so much her face! It is a sad old world we live in when it is virtually necessary for a woman churning out pop music to have a body to rival a 20 year old. And to stick it right out there.

 While all the latest general media coverage is in response to her now year old pop album keeping her current, I do think it has a duel purpose after her luke-warm return to screen with 2010’s The Back-up Plan. And that would have been something of a slap after a break from music and film for a few years with the birth of twins. But with the surprise hit of her new album it’s a wise move with her next choice of rom-com/dramedy. The massive ensemble cast of 2012’s What to Expect When You’re Expecting (about 5 couples getting ready to give birth), does give Jenny a way to return to screen again without the pressure of carrying the whole thing. No need for a suspected romance with her leading male handbag; no need to flash even further flesh (though after the number she rocked at the recent AMA’s… Yowzer!).

 So with an impressive cast that goes on – Anna Kendrick (Twilight, 2009’s brilliant Up In the Air), Elizabeth Banks (2008’s unexpectedly funny Role Models and this year’s Our Idiot Brother), Cameron Diaz, Gossip Girl’s Chance Crawford, Glee’s Matthew Morrison, True Blood’s Joe Manganiello, Chris Rock and even the hilarious Megan Mullally from TV’s Will & Grace – looks like the charismatic Ms Lopez will be back up there in Hollywood again too.

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