Check out the New-Bees!

Article by James
2012 is upon us, and I have to say there is some seriously great looking flicks coming out. The long awaited remake of Straw Dogs and the Gary Oldman led Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which were supposed to be released in Oz last year, look all to be finally arriving here in the first half of the new year. And then there is My Week With Marilyn, which I simply cannot wait for. But while all the afore-mentioned films have a relatively high profile, it is a film such as Chronicle that gets me excited in a different way. With a major cinema release in early February, Chronicle is a story based around three high school friends who gain superpowers after discovering what looks to be some sort of alien spacecraft. Then their lives start spinning out of control as they embrace their darker sides. Some of the group more than others.

Now the reason why I’m excited re movies like Chronicle is firstly, it looks entertaining and for some reason reminds of the unexpectedly great 2008 flick Cloverfield. Secondly, Director Josh Trank and Screenwriter Max Landis are also considerably new to the world of cinema. The film also stars a number of relatively unknown actors in the lead roles with Alex Russell, and also Michael B. Jordan who had a short recurring role on TV’s Parenthood. It is predominantly for the last reasons that I’m going to check this flick out. New-bees. And someone seems to think this film can take off, as there has been some serious marketing dollars thrown behind it.

Check. It. Out.

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