Ms Theron Graces the Screen with Frequency in 2012


Article by James
Ahhhhh, Charlize Theron. Not only is the actor a seriously incredibly beautiful woman to challenge Monica Bellucci from her crown (in my humble opinion), she is an undisputedly talented Oscar winner no less. For those born in the last day or so, 2003’s Monster was a provocative, shockingly unique view of a female serial killer for which Ms Theron scooped the little gold man for Best Actress. And rightly so, the movie is excellent.

But the South African beauty, who was apparently “discovered” as a model while standing in a bank line, has been around for years and is considerably choosey about her roles. I first noticed her in 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. Not exactly hard-hitting but an enjoyable romp none-the-less. Though it was Woody Allen’s 1998 flick Celebrity and 1999’s The Cider House Rules where she truly got my attention. Not only was there beauty but a weight, a charisma that followed through. While I flocked to see 2005’s Aeon Flux (disappointing), and was even surprised she bothered with 2008’s Will Smith vehicle Hancock, small roles like 2009’s The Road cemented her place in cinematic A-List for me. Watch the Cormac McCarthy novel film adaptation of The Road if you haven’t seen it. Desolate. Brutal. And brilliant. And yes, hale Viggo Mortensen.

With zip screen time released in 2010 and minor work in 2011, 2012 sees this wonderful actor back in the fore-front with the release of the always-exciting Diablo Cody’s latest screen effort with Young Adult release on Jan 19th in Oz. Go see it. Cody’s last film Jennifer’s Body was widely panned despite the fact that it was a seriously enjoyable black comedy. I loved it! She of course rose to fame with her Oscar award winning screenplay 2007’s Juno, and has since been busy as writer/creator of critically acclaimed HBO TV series United States of Tara. But Young Adult teams her up with Juno’s Director Jason Reitman and it looks to be great.

 Next for the talented Theron in 2012 is Snow White and the Huntsman, playing the evil stepmother/ Queen and (COMEON!!!), Ridley Scott’s eagerly anticipated Alien prequel Prometheus. All Hale Theron me sayeth! 2012 will inevitably see her back at the forefront of A.


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