Get Her the Hella-hella-hella Out of Here!

Article by James
I find it disappointing when certain films are filled with relatively (or once) decent male actors and shite females. In April this year, we will be subjected to the “acting” debut of popular Umbrella songstress Rihanna. God help us all.

Battleship is a supposedly action-packed film based around a fleet of ships that have to stop another fleet of ships of “unknown” origin, which obviously want to blow the goodies up and cause general mayhem. Yawn. This seriously does have crapola written all over it. Leading the cast is Liam Neeson, who in my opinion has clearly given up on looking for a decent script these days and is totally in it for the pay-cheque. Second is Alexander Skarsgard (TV’s True Blood), who has actually been offered a number of weighty roles while the television show that made him famous is on down time. Just look at his small but pivotal role in Lars Von Trier’s recent triumph Melancholia. And then there is the eagerly awaited remake of Straw Dogs. But Rihanna???

That also brings me to Brooklyn Decker. The dumb blonde from 2011’s Adam Sandler (I’ll get to that douche another time) “comedy” Just Go With It. Best known for gracing the cover of Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 6 times, other modelling of course, and being married to tennis-pro Andy Roddick, this generic beauty in my opinion is the new Elizabeth Berkley. Remember her from 1995’s globally attacked Showgirls? I say don’t go with it, just stop.

 But Rihanna? Wearing pants in public that would make her granny blush and cavorting about in video clips while simulating intercourse does not an actor make. P#ss off!

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