Mission: Spread the Word – Ving Rhames

Article by James
There are so many cool actors out there, so it’s satisfying to point out the ones that don’t get a lot of attention but should. Because, they have a certain mojo, a certain presence that makes you take note and all that. Recently I was searching the rental shelves for something from the past, and came across Wes Craven’s ultimately disappointing (but amusing), 1991 flick, The People Under the Stairs. I so wanted to love this film when I first saw it. I went to see it at the cinema with the 2 leads being such favourite cast members of mine from the 90’s David Lynch weirdo-love-so-much TV series Twin Peaks. Wendy Robie in particular scares the bee-gesus out of me. She’s excellent!

But it was one of the supporting cast that grabbed my interest; Ving Rhames. And of course with a name like that, if he ain’t famous, we all go who? But he’s been around, and a lot. Recently we were re-acquainted with Rhames as a solid part of the Mission: Impossible franchise, being brought in at the end of the latest instalment to remind us of the 3 films that have come before. (Have to say, the new MI film is truly cool, and the best.) But he was one of the team man! His character’s name is Luther Stickell. And, for those that are novices, he also played Marsellus Wallace in 1994’s (all hail!!!) Pulp Fiction. Bless.

Next up for Rhames in 2012 is the sequel to 2010’s schlocky, but hilariously enjoyable remake of the 78 original Piranha. Its called Piranha 3DD. I assume this applies to both the continuing 3D fad overcoming “general” cinema, and well, tits. Support this guy.

He’s a charismatic working actor, and yes has been a part of severe hack jobs, but you know? He’s cool. He rocks.

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