50/50 Stevey!


Article by James
While it may not seem very nice to call this blog 50/50 Stevey, the truth is, I am actually being kind. Acclaimed Director Steven Soderbergh is known for as many film flops as he is success. And… he’s actually had a lot more flops. The Director of such smashes as 1989’s Sex, Lies and Videotape (love, love, love), 2000’s Erin Brockovich and Traffic, as well as the well-received Ocean’s Eleven + films, has had a steady stream of car-crashes. 1995’s Underneath, 1999’s The Limey, 2006’s The Good German, and oddly enough the star packed Contagion from last year. They all failed to light up the box office despite a huge array of high profile stars and marketing moocha-cha. And believe me, these flops are just ones I thought you might know. Now while I truly believe that box office success does not necessarily mean a good movie, and vice-versa, this Director ain’t slowing down. Nor should he, as he is an amazing filmmaker – most of the time.

Soderbergh’s latest film Haywire opened in the US on the 20th, with a very lukewarm reception. Kiss-of-death apparently. We’ll see what sort of release it gets here in Oz. Starring an amazing supporting male cast including Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor and Michael Fassbender, the film is led by relative-newcomer Gina Carano. Her name is a mystery to me as well as she has been in less than a handful of films. The story is about a black ops solder seeking revenge after she is betrayed and set up by the people that put her on the mission. Well, I must say I’m not convinced.

But, best to be positive. And Soderbergh does have 2 films in pre-production due to be unleashed in 2013. All jam-stuffed with high profilers as has become the norm. But. And it’s a big one. In 2012 we will see a new film, now in post-production, and due for a mid-year release in the US. In Oz unsure. Type Magic Mike in google and up comes the secrecy. Hype is surrounding this release and it seems that I am the ONLY one who knows about it that isn’t titillated. Zzzzzz. Magic Mike is a comedy about a “kid” who is shown the ropes by his more experienced colleagues as he joins a group of male strippers. Now while I may be able to understand the oooh-ahhhh nature of such a flick with a major Director in charge, Matthew McConaughey plays the flick’s establishment owner and ex-stripper. Yawn. While the man lives without a shirt, casting is hardly inspired. And the man is a shite actor. The “kid” is played by much-hyped new comer of 2010/11 Alex Pettyfer, best know for the lame 2011’s I Am Number Four, and the should-have-been-called-Ghastly Beastly (who hires an Olsen twin to act these days???) from the same year. The disgraced actor is also best known for his tabloid fodder past when his profile reached fever pitch (until the films bombed) and resulted in a restraining order taken out by the pretty blondie from Glee. Oh, and that he has “thank you” tattooed above his crotch. Lovely.

The lead star of Magic Mike though is Channing Tatum. The “actor” best known for a body we all envy and a continuous body of shite output (GI Joe anyone – but let’s make a sequel). Please. A disappointed sigh the size of a mountain is hard to describe. Did someone really go, “yep, this has H.I.T. written all over it”? Apparently so.

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