Madge’s W.E Under Attack!

During a recent interview, Harvey Weinstein let loose on the new Madonna flick titled W.E, here’s what Mr Weinstein had to say about Madge and her movie:

“Of all the movies this year that have gotten a bad shake from the critics this is the one. And I think its Madonna. I think they see the personality behind the film. You have extraordinary performances in the movie. There’s nobody can say Andrea Riseborough isn’t absolutely brilliant and one of our emerging great actresses.”

“…And the rest of the cast is great. The setting, the lighting, the costumes, all of which is Madonna’s vision. And the music, the ballsiness to put The Sex Pistols into a period piece.”

“I wanted to take the adventure with her. She did a damn good job and she’s getting a bad shake from people. The great thing about sending out the DVDs is, you get audience reaction, unfiltered and with no critics in front of the movie. People call me all the time and go, wow, I really enjoyed it.”

“So, if it wasn’t Madonna, if it was Joe Smith this movie would be getting three stars and about the director we would be saying wow, this is a talent to watch and a movie you should see. Of course, Madonna’s line is, I don’t want to be Joe Smith.”

W.E opens in Australia next month, that said, I think Madonna is gutsy and has taken many risks that has made life easier and a tad more interesting for the women of my generation.

Let’s just hope her Directing is better than her Acting!

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