Will Freddy be a Stripper of a Werewolf?


Article by James
Silly question I know, but the legendary Robert Englund has a new flick coming out! The man only known (let’s-face-it) for his on going role as Freddy Krueger in the mammoth A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise returns to screens in 2012 in Strippers Vs Werewolves, a British black-comedy. Notice I said nothing about the 2010 reboot for ANOES sans Englund? It’s because it DOES NOT EXIST. Release for Strippers Vs Werewolves was post-poned in the US and looks to be here in the first half of 2012. It looks, well, trashy. And, will be a new release DVD soon. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Here’s the drill: When werewolf chief Jack Ferris is accidentally killed in a strip club the girls who work there have until the next full moon before his bloodthirsty wolf pack seek murderous retribution. Ohhhhhhhh, ok. Ha, ha, ha… Also starring a wealth of no-bodies, the flick is headed up by an actor who has been around for years and happens to be currently on screen in the hit American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Steven Berkoff. Like Ving Rhames from my blog 2 weeks ago, Steven Berkoff is one of those actors who you recognize immediately but have zip idea what his name is. Because he’s been around forever and has never really had a lead role in a big film.

Bit of trivia… Berkoff actually played a Detective in A Clockwork Orange.

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One response to “Will Freddy be a Stripper of a Werewolf?

  • Vinay

    , as a writer, I do soewmhat bemoan the room these remakes take up on film studios’ release slates. There are so many outstanding works of horror fiction out there that are begging for film adapatation. Great, original works of horror that would enhance the genre, give filmgoers something different terrors of a new kind. It would be nice to see imagination make a comeback.Right now, remakes are safe bets for film studios. They’re easy to recycle and relatively inexpensive to make, with a built-in core audience of loyalists to accompany a whole new generation of horror fans to the multiplex. As long as they make money, they’ll continue to be produced and distributed.

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