I Must of Sucked a lot of C*&k to Get Where I Am!


Article by James
Part of me is surprised Hayden Christensen isn’t more of a big time actor than he is at the mo. On the one hand he was given the HUGE role of an adolescent Darth Vader, and on the other hand, it seems, he may have been given the Skywalker kiss-of-death. It seems today’s tabloid fodder can create and kill just as quickly though. Dating sad old The OC’s Magnum-munching Rachel Bilson didn’t help lift a profile that had serious stratosphere marked across it. Naturally it would have helped if she had had a hit… But weren’t we all looking for someone to prosper from The OC after Mischa Barton’s sad old decline? And bulging waistline… I digress I know.

 Here’s the current spin of his next foray into celluloid. “In a small economically depressed southern town, a gifted young painter with a rare skin disorder must live his life at night. When a tormented young woman being chased by her own demons stumbles into town, their relationship forces both to ultimately reconcile with their pasts, enabling them to finally move forward to start a new life.” Mate. This is obvious shitville. What are you doing? It is evident to me that you have 3 expressions (I’m being nice) and can’t act your way out of a hamper, but come on!!! People fight tooth and decency to be in your position. Get real buddy!


You’re getting way too old to hang on to some pretty boy tag…

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One response to “I Must of Sucked a lot of C*&k to Get Where I Am!

  • Vanessa

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