The On-Going Brand Exercise

Article by James
Poor little Russell Brand. What a life you’ve had so far buddy! Drug addiction and alcoholism of course, while being fired from practically every good gig you had on (M)TV and radio, to becoming a moderately successful movie star and having a both quirky and hot pop singer on your arm. And she married you no less! And then of course here comes the backlash with divorce in the media when she is clearly the more successful and therefore beloved celeb. L What a drag!

Even I was taken a-back by the latest maelstrom of media frenzy, with the most recent horrifying development in a very public separation rollout. “Katy Perry reportedly taunted estranged husband Russell Brand with a picture of a beef burger. The ‘Firework’ singer is said to have been so furious with strict vegan Russell, 36, after he allegedly filed for divorce without telling her, that she texted him a photograph of her half-eaten McDonald’s Big Mac.” Gee-zus! Is there no dignity? Is there nothing better to report on? Oz is flooding people!

I digress I know, but I have to share my favorite RB moment. While presenting an award to Sir Bob Geldof at the 2006 NME Awards, the controversial Father and musician Geldof said, “Russell Brand – what a c#nt“, to which Brand replied, “Really it’s no surprise [Geldof]’s such an expert on famine. He has after all been dining out on I Don’t Like Mondaysfor 30 years”. Ha,ha,ha…. Love it!

For someone who actually liked 2010’s Get Him to the Greek, Brand is a terribly weak movie star. But it seems he is hardly without opportunity. After a significant role in the much-hyped 2010’s pathetic Julie Taymor directed The Tempest and leading the (sad) remake of Arthur in the same year, it seems Brand will still be within some of the most high profile films rolling out. Released in Oz on the 14th of June this year, we have the big screen adaptation of rock musical Rock of Ages. With a cast that is awe-inspiring to say the least, Brand is still in good company. Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin and the always watchable Paul Giamatti to name the biggens, Rock of Ages could give Brand an edge into some sort of credibility if he stops playing drug-addled types.

So it is with serious uncertainty that I hear RB is in talks to play the lead in a big budget film production of the character, Worzel Gummidge. For those too young or not yet scarred by the existence of this character, most who remember will relay stories of a British TV production that lasted a year (1979), but is still etched in my memory. He was a scarecrow who was befriended by 2 children and it rolls out from there. While it was a brief TV affair, there are books starting in the 30’s and a successful radio series from the 40’s that have concreted this character in history. The most disturbing fact of this rumor is Peter Jackson is in talks to direct. I have loved this man since 1989’s Meet the Feebles, but he can be wayward. A lot of us were met with confusion after the disappointing 2009’s The Lovely Bones. Let’s hope time will be kind, because Jackson is not without flaw.

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