Worst Movie Ever, is no Laughing Matter for Murphy!

Hollywood’s funny man is not laughing at the moment. The actor’s new comedy A Thousand Words has received a perfect zero per cent rating, scoring 41 negative reviews out of 41 reviews. It was directed by Meet Dave and Norbit’s Brian Robbins and produced by Nicolas Cage, oh how the mighty have fallen!

The movie features Murphy as a fast-talking literary agent and neglectful family man who gets a lesson on what is important in life after discovering he has only a thousand words left to utter before he dies, can anyone say…. zzzzz!

Critics from around the world all gathered together to rate it as one of the worst comedies of all time, jeez and that’s saying a lot!

Critics didn’t hold back with their criticism either, here’s a taste of some of the reviews:

“The concept is unoriginal, the scenarios aren’t funny, and its message is banal.” – Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“In A Thousand Words the camera stays about 2 inches from Murphy’s hyperactive face, and you start to see the strain and desperation in the actor’s eyes. Without saying a word, those reaction shots — the film is a 100-minute reaction shot unto itself – says: I am in trouble here, yet I remain a big bad wolf of comedy. I will huff and puff and get a laugh. Somehow.” – Michael Phillips, LA Times

“Only the most masochistic connoisseurs of the truly awful need check it out.” – Brian Tallerico, HollywoodChicago.com

Great, now I have to go and watch the worst movie of all time, just so I can say I have watched the worst movie of all time…pfft!

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