NOT so close to HIM

Article by James
I am utterly horrified by the current net hoopla surrounding the release of the new Sean Penn film in April this year in Oz. In fact, the mere mention of comparisons circulating re this movie is revolting to the extreme! Sean Penn to play Robert Smith from legendary rock band (all hail!!!) The Cure! Please… My first reaction wasn’t even, “What the???”, but COME ON! And then seething fury…

Now while Penn is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of our time, look at this above picture. How could ANYONE believe this? Turns out the film in question, is nothing of the sort. But, someone has decided this “comparison” would get a little attention. And has it indeed. Directed by Italian Paolo Sorrentino, This Must Be The Place is the story of an aging rock star who tracks down his Father’s killer. Said killer happens to be an ex-Nazi who is living in the US as a refugee. Oh….. of course.

Co-starring the equally talented Francis McDormand and Harry Dean Stanton, the film also stars Talking Heads vocalist David Byrne playing himself. I have to say ten points for originality, even if Penn looks completely ridiculous. But, please stop sullying Mr Smith’s rep dudes! While a movie should be made about him, let’s be respectful. No jokes people. Not even for ticket sales. Leave this one alone.

Penn looks more like Frank N. Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show gone to seed to me. And that seed looks rotten.

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