Lovelace Update

Article by James
Oh dear… I have been intrigued by the general leaks from the filming and subsequent pre-production quips for the biopic Lovelace, slotted for a 2012 release in the US at least. As Loz has blogged (she beat me to it!), this is a film re the rise and decline of Linda Lovelace, arguably the most famous porn star of all time (and here I thought it was Pamela Anderson).

As Loz has pointed out, it has a stellar cast, also including Sarah Jessica Parker. Now I read Chris Noth is also a cast member. Despite the fact I am looking forward to this release, if his character, credited as Anthony Romano, is referred in any way in the script as “Big” I am walking out! They’re gonna do it aren’t they…

GEE-JUZ! I just thought! Is SJP a porn star and so is he? I have zero idea?!? Is there a sex scene with them both? Erghhhhh.

If you have any further info, let us now. My eyes have seen horror, but not that. In SATC it was implied, or at the very most cut heavily. I DO NOT want to see them huffing-and-puffing. Erghhhhh.


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