The Weird and Wonderful Udo Kier

Article by James
Many actors’ career can span decades, but it is intriguing when an actor can start in a German feature film in 1968 and still be starring in films that hit globally today. Solidly, still producing film in Europe while having the opportunity to star in US films; some with significant profile and success. Not many leads, but a significantly recognizable working actor. Udo Kier is one such person.

While he started off in 1968’s German flick Shameless, the man has been in four Lars Von Trier films to date, two Italian horror Legend, Dario Argento Directed films, including the supreme 1977 Suspiria, and even 1991’s disturbingly beautiful Gus Van Sant film, My Own Private Idaho. Throw in 1994’s Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, 1996’s awful (sorry Pammy) Barb Wire, and 1998’s blockbuster Armageddon with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler to heave in big deal US mainstream, and you have an actor that has done the rounds. Minus the last three, I have been a fan of many features Kier has been apart of, with my favourites being 2000’s completely underrated Shadow of the Vampire, and of course the 2007 totally excellent reboot of Halloween, Directed by (who-would-have-thought) Rob Zombie.

It is odd though, other than My Own Private Idaho, Kier first came to my notice as a teen when I became obsessed with Andy Warhol film. It was the atrocious 1974 film Andy Warhol presents Blood for Dracula that stamped this man’s face in my memory. I LOVED IT!

Ok, he plays the same character every time, but he’s freaky! And he works where he’s placed. So it is with much excitement that I see a new flick released in Finland in April – where-else nadda know – stars Udo Kier in the lead. It’s called Iron Sky and will inevitably be placed on release in Oz at a DVD store near you soon-ish after. Now don’t be shy, that doesn’t mean it’s bad, or at least bad-bad. Here’s the drift: The Nazis set up a secret base on the moon in 1945 where they hide out and plan to return to power in 2018. It’s a Sci-Fi Action-Comedy.

Check out the trailer. Seriously good-bad stuff. Ha, ha, ha…. Tag line: The Battle for Earth is gonna get Nazi!

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