Total Remake

Fans are gearing up for the summer release of the revamped 1990 cult hit, Total Recall and by the looks of things, they won’t be disappointed.

In the opening clip we see James’s favourite gal Kate Beckinsale (Lori) trading blows with Colin Farrell (Quaid) who if you remember from the original film has his memory wiped by the Rekall Company….. and so the movie begins.

The film is directed by Mr Beckinsale or as others call him Len Wiseman….is it me or does Kate only star in movies her husband directs…just sayin?

The lovely Jessica Biel also stars in the new remake of the original film which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. The original film debuted at the number one spot and grossed more than $260million worldwide.

It’s hard to believe that this movie is now 12 years old, let’s hope they actually get a Hollywood remake right for once.

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