Russell is Noah!

Russell Crowe is set to play Noah in Academy Award nominated director Darren Aronosky’s feature film of the same name.

Noah is a close adaptation of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, you know the one where Noah is asked to build an Ark to save creation from the floods, that guy!

Aronofsky recently said the following, “I’d like to thank Paramount and Regency for backing my team’s work to breathe new life into the biblical epic. I rejoice that Russell Crowe will be by my side on this adventure. It’s his immense talent that helps me to sleep at night. I look forward to being wowed by him every day.”

This film sounds trippy to say the least, how on earth are they going to pull this off. Filming will begin shooting early July in Iceland and New York with a release date set for March 28th, 2014.

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One response to “Russell is Noah!

  • Hanny

    I want to know what the author tnhkis, I am curious. What I see, after much contemplation is this; the before pictures show the women with emotion, the “paradise” picture shows the woman holding back all emotion. And she’s not sexy. Is she covered up like maybe a Muslim woman would be? But it’s cold? The boy is wearing shorts. She has a girl scout hat on. She’s going to run as soon as she has the chance. She’s ready. Ready to run! Away, far, far away. He’s happy though, isn’t he?

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