The New Look K-Fed Franco!











Article by James
I do find it hard to believe that certain “actors” have a career in Hollywood, but it seems having a profile counts for much. James Franco is hardly Oscar-worthy, but managed to gain such a nomination for seeming to lop off an arm for Danny Boyle Directed 2010’s 127 Hours. Everyone knew he would never win. Hosting the Oscars in 2011 was a joke that Anne Hathaway desperately tried to carry on without him. In fact he was a severe hindrance… Just sayin’.

So how does this douche have four films hitting in 2012 and five in 2013? Seriously! After recently watching the drongo again in 2006’s Tristan + Isolde, he relies entirely on those around him. He’s appalling. 2008’s Pineapple Express I will give the guy, as he plays a stoner very well. How hard can it be?

But my attention is set on recent tabloid fodder. Franco in K-Fed get-up toting double barrels for a role in Spring Breakers – released in 2013. Complete with cornrows and Hawaiian shirt. Please. Dress him up and he will still be a sh#t actor. His co-star being Vanessa Hudgens in a string bikini with dollar bills by her vagina. Guess semi-nude pics hitting the net during her time sucking face with Zac Efron wasn’t enough to transform the Disney and High School Musical tween sensation to adult star…

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