Chloe does Carrie!







Chloe Moretz is currently doing the rounds as she promotes Dark Shadows and had a chance to discuss her upcoming role in the new adaption of the famous Stephen King’s classic horror story Carrie.

Chloe mentioned that she starts shooting Carrie June 1st, and that she didn’t want to jinx filming, but found Director Kimberly Peirce to be a genius, genius director and that she would never agree to the remake unless she was with someone she trusted.

Chloe went on to tell the following “I trust her more than a lot of the directors I’ve worked with. She’s the right woman for the job, I’m actually not looking at the original movie even though De Palma’s movie was one of the best movies ever made. It’s completely iconic and I’m proud to be able to be doing a retooling of it. We’re kind of going off the book. It’s darker and much more psychological. More ‘Black Swan.’ You’re really looking into her mind and it really looks into the relationship of Margaret and Carrie. It’s set in modern time, so it’s a lot different.”

Personally, I found the original Carrie to be pure perfection, but let’s wait and see, this one might surprise us all.

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