Will he be Bottom or (back on) Top!

Article by James
I was recently scouring the DVD shelves at my local rental and came across the not-so-well-received 2005 flick Constantine – ie: Keanu Reeves post-Matrix vehicle – so I nabbed it. I wanted to love this flick on release as it looks dark and broody with cool effects and Angels! So, I remember thinking it was a good move for Mister Wooden after his continuous need to do Rom-Coms (for diversity I assume) where he is completely out of his depth. The movie is ok, and has good people to support with the charismatic Rachel Weisz, the surprisingly well-cast knob Shia LaBeouf, and the delectable Tilda Swinton as Arch Angel Gabriel. Cool casting on the latter. But hidden within, in a role that doesn’t get a lot of screen time but is present, is BUSH lead singer Gavin Rossdale.

While most know Rossdale these days (apart from Gen X-ers I hope!) as the tabloid fodder husband of spunky, wildly-successful multi-tasking lead singer of No Doubt, solo artist, Mother of two and Fashion Powerhouse (phew!) Ms Gwen Stefani, he was once a force to be reconned with in the music scene. Hitting 1994 with BUSH debut album Sixteen Stone (numerous hit singles and awards), even with the less but still successful follow up of Razorblade Suitcase in 1996, the world seemed at the feet of Rossdale as leader in all ways. But after a further two (poor) albums and the BUSH split in 2002, Rossdale turned to acting when his subsequent band, Institute, failed to lift his success to the glory days of BUSH’s Sixteen Stone. Constantine didn’t exactly alight his acting career, but he followed up with a few sad and forgettable small film roles. Then while guest spotting in TV series in the late 2000’s such as Criminal Minds and Burn Notice, he managed to release a crapola solo album in 2009, Wanderlust. Then came the BUSH reunion album The Sea of Memories last year… disappointing and uninspired.

So back to acting it seems.

Now I know I probably went on a bit re his music career, but Rossdale has supported film with music across the years. If you don’t know the f’ing awesome mix of BUSH’s “Mouth” in 1997’s abysmal film An American Werewolf in Paris, you are truly missing out. He is also an amazing songwriter, who yes may have had his day, but may just rise above with his new role. He has actually (???) landed a spot in the new Sophia Coppola flick The Bling Ring; currently in post-production and released in 2013 in Oz.

Here’s the vibe: Inspired by actual events, a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the Internet to track celebrities’ whereabouts in order to rob their homes.” Leading the film is Hoggwart’s most-likely-to-succeed Emma Watson and Kirsten Dunst. The film sounds like it may be the resurrection of both Coppola and Rossdale’s previous lacklustre output….

I wonder if 80’s Drag Queen/One Hit Wonder Marilyn will make it to the premiere in support of his/her Ex? J Bless.

(If this last bit has been lost on you – google this: Gavin Rossdale Marilyn. Ha,ha,ha…)

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