Ms Paltrow – Bring it Baby!

Article by James
While probably sounding like some naff quip from her now famous blog GOOP, is it me or is it weird that Gwyneth Paltrow is now cool – improved with age like a fine wine perhaps??? But cool she is. Whether it be her recent what-seemed-regrettable comment at this years Oscars (when asked about her frock she said she was having her Jackie O moment…), her comments on the aforementioned blog re everyone should have a pizza oven in their back yard – everyone, to her three memorable eps of Glee, I think everyone is starting to see that the former ice queen is actually prone to taking the piss out of herself. Or at the very least, not taking herself so seriously. She’s won me over.

I must admit I wasn’t such a huge fan early on though she was always a solid performer from 1993’s Malice, 1995’s excellent Se7en, 1996’s Emma to 1998’s Sliding Doors. But it was 1998’s modernization of Great Expectations (critically savaged by NOBODIES, but in my Top 5 favourite films) that truly cemented her in my memory as an actor with great potential. While most thought she was playing herself, it was more than that. If it’s been a while, or you’ve never seen it, I insist. GO SEE! Anne Bancroft is worth seeing this film for alone.

Then of course she won the Oscar for Best Leading Actress with her role in Shakespeare In Love and continued to deliver solid roles throughout the 2000’s, but with limited success. 2001’s admittedly funny Shallow Hal being the exception. Then she had kids, played Pepper Potts in 2008’s Iron Man, followed that up with a fantastic arthouse film – 2008’s Two Lovers – then disappeared for two years.

2010’s disappointing, but box-office friendly Iron Man 2 followed, with the underrated and incredibly under-watched Country Strong in the same year. Picky from here on in it seems Glee and a most memorable role in Steven Soderbergh’s ho-hum Contagion of last year has left audiences wondering when Gwynny will actually tackle a lead role again. She is currently on screen in Oz in the fleeting role of Pepper Potts in The Avengers alongside Iron Man’s involvement, and will again relive that experience in 2013 when yet another instalment in Iron Man 3 hits the big screen. We all know The Avengers will travel the same path. So…… it is with great excitement that finally, she does have a tackle ahead.

Thanks for Sharing is released in the US in August this year, and is the story of three people undergoing a 12-step treatment for sex addiction. Directed by first-timer Stuart Blumberg, Thanks for Sharing looks hilarious, so thank gawd it’s a comedy! Co-starring the always-interesting Mark Ruffalo and a welcome return from Tim Robbins, Blumberg wrote the film as well, with his last effort was writing 2010’s memorable The Kids are All Right.

Nice to see you back Ms Paltrow. Well, in something more that blogs, vox-pop bloops, bit-parts and super-hero fluff.

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