Are You Superhero-ed Out Yet?

Article by James
With The Avengers still going strong at the box-office, after already reaching over 400k in ticket sales, seems the bigwigs in Hollywood are counting on the idea we’re not. Not only will we be inundated with reboots and sequels in the next two years+, but also it’s going to get even more incestuous than it has already. Have a squiz at what’s happening.

1. With The Avengers going strong less than a month passed release at the box-office, it has been confirmed there will be a second – no sh#t Sherlock. Joss Whedon (best known
for TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel) hasn’t been signed on to write and direct, but he’s interested. Seems there are rumours the new villain will be introduced first in
Thor 2…
2. Thor 2 is currently in pre-production and has all the cast back. Set for a 2013 release.
3. In July this year we will experience the conclusion to the current Batman trilogy with Director Christopher Nolan’s eagerly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. Both Christopher
Nolan and Christian Bale (Batman) have long since announced they would both no longer be doing another. Expect a reboot in a five to ten years.
4. The latest reboot of Spiderman, weakly titled The Amazing Spider Man, hits screens in July this year also. Expect at least 2 sequels.
5. As previously mentioned, both Iron Man 3 and the new rebooted Superman expected franchise – Man of Steel – hit next year.
6. Captain America 2 has now been confirmed for release in 2014.

Now while I have to say I am excited re The Dark Knight Rises, and Man of Steel due to Director Zack Snyder, everything else is wearing a little thin for me. I understand Hollywood would make ANY idea into a film if it would make money, and let’s face it, these blockbusters usually make a lot. First of all I thought The Avengers wasn’t really that good. The first half was dullish and the final climatic fight scene laborious. While I give credit to Whedon’s script in places with Iron Man getting 95% of the good lines, many of the other cast looked incredibly lame because of it – i.e.: Captain America. It just didn’t gel having all that wattage together. And with the rest above, in short, Thor 2 may work, as the first was reasonable though I thought that Iron Man was great but the sequel was awful. I have nothing positive to say re another Spiderman and with the weedy Andrew Garfield????? Then of course there is Captain America. The first film’s script was so muddy that the only positive I can give it is Hugo Weaving plays an excellent villain. Chris Evans is too mediocre an actor to lead anything. He needs ensemble. And even then he is usually shown up.

But, for the tragic, seems Marvel may try and reboot (again) The Hulk. Apparently the latest Hulk in The Avengers – Mark Ruffalo – has hinted there may be a third attempt after the sheer mess of Ang Lee Directed 2003’s Hulk with Eric Bana and the flatly boring 2008’s The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. Now while this is tragic we end on the frightening. I have looked and cannot find any real confirmation of Green Lantern 2 so I ask that Ryan Reynolds and the truly repulsive Blake Lively to please stop keeping this possibility alive. The first film was considered a flop and we all know why. Go away. Shut up. And let us try to forget.

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