Chucky is Alive and Well!

Article by James
With remakes abound in the horror flick world, seems there is yet another franchise that is soon to be “re-imagined”. Child’s Play is an awesome film from 1988 that spawned the now legendary killer doll Chucky. While the first film was much more horror than comedy, the four (yes, four!!!) sequels all went on to gain a surprisingly large following with a mixture of success in horror/comedy. Well it seems MGM studios owned the rights to the first, and Universal, the sequels. Hence the wait.

As yet unconfirmed reports say that the new version will hit screens in 2014, with both studios having confirmed coming to some agreement. The strange thing about this remake is Brad Dourif who played the original killer from the 1988 movie, who via some voodoo hocus-pocus is forced to inhabit a talking doll before he dies, will resume the role??? For those who haven’t seen the truly original original, he spends the rest of the film trying to kill a child and transfer his soul in that direction. Stranger too, is original Director and Screenwriter Don Mancini, will also take up both roles. Seems Mancini has been asked if it will be a shot-by-shot remake for this reason, and the answer is no. The new Child’s Play will be darker than the first, with zero comedy.

I truly loved the original, and saw it at the cinema at fourteen (snuck in). So while I am always dubious re remakes, I do think with the makers of the first back to creatively control, perhaps, this may be one to watch. Besides, who doesn’t LOVE Chucky!?!

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